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  • LGBTQ+ Health

    LGBTQ+ individuals may have many of the same health concerns as the general population but experience health challenges at higher rates. Research has shown that a history of discrimination and stigma has contributed to higher rates of mental illness among LGBTQ+ community members. We’ll explore the health concerns for those in the LGBTQ+ community and hear individual stories.

  • Substance Abuse in a Pandemic

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are also facing a substance use crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the pandemic has prompted more people to start or increase use of a substance as a way of coping with the stress. Overdose deaths have also spiked since the start of the pandemic.

  • Delaying Care During a Pandemic

    The biggest concern we had when we were at the beginning of the pandemic and everything was shutting down was that we were not doing our mammogram screenings and it was a lack of knowledge on how this virus spreads.

  • Routine Healthcare in a Pandemic

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many put off routine healthcare and screenings in order to stay away from the doctor’s office but what are the lasting effects of this delay in healthcare? How are those that delayed their care getting back on track? Plus – what role will telemedicine continue to play in the future of healthcare?

Transforming Health

Transforming Health is about health care – not only its quality and costs, but the importance of maintaining good health through individual and collective action. It’s a look at the rapidly changing health in America and in Central Pennsylvania, through Transforming Health on WITF, in partnership with Capital Blue Cross and WellSpan Health.

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One More Moment

Every year tens of thousands of people in the United States decide life is too much to bear. One More Moment is a collection of stories from those who have been touched by suicide. Listen as they share sadness, joy and hope for one more moment.

Stay and connect. Share if you’d like. You are worth one more moment.

Through the Cracks

Through the Cracks will draw on experts and first-hand accounts to target problems and break down stigma associated with mental health. Both data-driven and deeply personal, this months-long series aims to spark conversations, question policymakers and health care leaders, and result in measurable improvements for those who need help.

Battling Opioids

Pennsylvania has one of the highest opioid overdose death rates in the nation. Every day, thousands of Pennsylvanians—mothers and fathers, children, neighbors—struggle to overcome addiction. Rural and urban, rich and poor, the opioid crisis affects all of us.

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Here With You

Together, WITF, Capital Blue Cross and WellSpan Health have launched “Here with You,” a special Transforming Health campaign designed to promote physical and mental resiliency during these challenging times and beyond. We’re distributing resources to children and families, providing free access to technology and engaging the community.

Discover more about Here With You.

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