Nurse-Family Partnership supports new moms


New mom Yaritza Sanchez with her nurse Beth Heine.

Yaritza Sanchez is a first-time mom. She’s doing great, but like any new parent she has a lot of questions… so she joined Lancaster General Health’s Nurse-Family Partnership Program. The program pairs a vulnerable, first-time mom with a registered nurse. That nurse visits the mom at home throughout her pregnancy. And, she continues to visit until the child turns two.

Yaritza was partnered with Beth Heine. During visits, Yaritza can address any questions she has about her own health or the health of her baby.

She says, “I really think it’s good. She helps me a lot. She tells me what to do and how to make things better. She’s good support.”
Nurses will also help new moms with their education and job goals.

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The program has been proven effective. In Pennsylvania, studies show 91% of babies whose moms were involved in the program were born at full-term.


The Nurse-Family Partnership program is at work in 44 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

95% of children got all recommended immunizations by age two.

And 66% of new moms who entered the program without a diploma or GED have since earned one or are working towards obtaining one.

Beth believes it’s the relationship between nurse and new mom that makes the program so successful.

“Many of my clients do not have a strong support system- teenage moms or no parent system either. Knowing they have someone to turn to and consistently call me seems to be very important to them.”

The Nurse-Family Partnership program is not exclusive to Lancaster County. In fact, you’ll find the program at work in 44 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

If you are interested in applying for the Nurse Family Partnership program, please call (717) 544-1952 before your 26th week of pregnancy or email