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Wholesome Tummies serves up healthy meals for the classroom


Photo by Paul Kuehnel Daily Record/Sunday News

From the left, Lilly Floyd, Travor Jarvis, Aaron Gonzales, Arielle Fallon, and Jacob Pizzuro react to Kelly Jarvis opening up an avocado at the Keystone Kids Early Learning Center in Shrewsbury.

These days, Jaime Carrozza steals about 20 minutes of extra sleep before sunrise.

No longer tasked with having to make her young children’s lunch each day before heading off to preschool and a full-time job, the mother of four now spends those minutes resting and occasionally tapping the snooze button on her alarm clock. Carrozza of Springfield Township said:

“Not having to pack lunch for my children saves me time in the morning. And, that’s crucial.”

So, who is preparing Carrozza’s children mid-day meal?


Photo by Daily Record/Sunday News — Paul Kuehnel

Arielle Fallon, 4, bites into a pear in March at the Keystone Kids Early Learning Center in Shrewsbury.

Kelly Jarvis, a former pre-school teacher at Keystone Kids Early Learning Center in Shrewsbury who recently left her career in the classroom to run a Wholesome Tummies franchise.

Staffed with a chef and two drivers, the company prepares healthy lunches that are delivered daily to area private schools, Jarvis said.

Through a company website, parents pick and pay for the meals that are made daily with a local ingredients in a leased kitchen.

Depending on size, meals vary from $3 to $5 a piece.

Aside from choosing the food, parents can use the website to check out the nutritional values of the meals and pick side dishes which typically includes fruits and yogurt.

Three of Carrozza’s four children attend TLC Montessori in Jacobus “‘one of six local schools that work with Wholesome Tummies.

“I like the idea that my child is getting a healthy meal that I didn’t have to pack,” she said.

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