Eat, Play, Breathe York


According to the 2012 York County Coalition’s Community Health Needs Assessment, 66% of adults who live in York County are overweight or obese.

And, almost 80% do not participate in regular physical activity.

“We know that environmental opportunities for kids, it makes a difference. If they can walk to school, if they can bike to school, if they have physical activity opportunities, they’re going to be healthier and that’s what we need.” That’s Cori Strathmeyer, the Wellness Director at the YMCA of York and York County.

In order to achieve a healthier community Cori, and too many others to mention, realized they needed to join forces. So they came together to form Eat, Play, Breathe York.

Take a look:

Their mission is simple: To make healthy living easy for everyone. In York, PA, the healthy choice IS the easy choice!


Different people – and organizations — same goals: “Improve nutrition through access or types of food that are being eaten. Increase physical activity through walking, biking and play. Decrease tobacco use.”

They’ve increased opportunities for children to grow their own vegetables, in order to increase access to healthy foods, and to educate children about nutrition.

They’re taking steps to make the city more walkable and bikeable, to help increase physical activity. They’ve revamped parks and playgrounds as well.

And, smoking is now banned in all 24 of their city parks.

Tell us: How is your own city making steps towards better health? Let us know in a comment!