Featured App: The Human Body by TinyBop

Human Body app 600x340.jpg

“What are my teeth connected to? Why does my heart beat faster when I run?” Small children are curious to know about what happens inside their bodies and why. If you’re looking for an app to illustrate how many systems work together, The Human Body by Tiny Bop is a solid choice.

The app uses no words, so reading skills are not required. Navigation is based on learning as you go, so kids get to apply their experience immediately. Creative animations demonstrate systems in action, a vast improvement over a print approach. (Remember health class books with drawings and tiny text?) For example, when a user picks up an animated toothbrush, she can brush away and rinse the dark spots between her avatar’s teeth. The teeth only become clean when the user has done a good job brushing. Feeding your avatar cookies leads to dirty teeth and a bit more scrubbing.

Parents can restrict access to the reproductive system. The app also supports dialogue, giving users the opportunity to record questions about what they encounter.

From the app store:

*six interactive, animated layers of the body teach basic human anatomy including the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems
*a detailed interactive heart, brain, eye, stomach, mouth, and much more
*A recording note that enables kids and parents to ask each other questions
*no marketing or advertising to kids
*Up to 51 languages supported
*Multi-user system, each child can choose and name their own body avatar from one of four characters

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