Listen now: Suicide prevention

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Pain.  It is the word that may be most widely associated with suicide.  For the 40,000 who took their own lives in 2013, there was the mental and possibly physical pain they endured that led them to decide to end their lives.  For the family and friends of those who died by suicide, there is the pain that will stay with them forever over their loss and the questions they keep asking themselves, “Why and could I have done anything to prevent it?”

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. 

Tuesday’s Smart Talk focuses on suicide and the mental illnesses that most often are contributing factors in suicides, the signs that someone contemplating ending their life often exhibit, how they can get help and be treated once they do, the stigma associated with mental illnesses, and the survivors left behind.

Appearing on the program are Brandon Marsico, the Board Chair of the South Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Dr. Ahmad Hameed, a psychiatrist and Director of the Adult Residency Program at Penn State Hershey’s College of Medicine.

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Brandon Marsico and Dr. Ahmad Hameed

If you are thinking of harming yourself or need help, call 1-800-273-8255.

Other resources can be found here.