Smart Talk: The history of medicine

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An old surgical kit at the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Museum/Museum photograph


In a historical hotspot like Pennsylvania, many pride themselves on local and national history knowledge; but what do you know about the history of medicine? Moreover, what do you know about the history of medicine specific to Central Pennsylvania? This is type of history you won’t find in typical textbooks.

In this episode we learn more about this history of medicine and focus on its relationship to Central Pennsylvania.

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The Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation was founded in 1982 in Lancaster. Since then, it has been studying, cataloguing and curating historical artifacts. The foundation, which also has a virtual museum, has focused on medical history as a whole, but has specifically targeted its surrounding Lancaster County, preserving priceless historical artifacts for years to come.

Joining us on Thursday’s Smart Talk are Donna Mann, the museum’s curator, and Dr. Nikitas Zervanos, the president of the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation, to discuss the history and taking questions about the past and future of medicine.

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Donna Mann & Dr. Nikitas Zervanos