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Smart Talk: Mental wellness and Please Live

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Earlier this month the Central Pennsylvania-based American Mental Health Wellness Association launched a website that could be described as a one-stop resource for mental wellness or mental illness.  It includes information on mental illness symptoms, diagnosis and how and where to get help.

The AMWA has also joined with other organizations to promote and educate on mental wellness, including Please Live — an organization that focuses on depression, anxiety and suicide prevention — especially amongst young people.

Education and awareness of mental wellness is important today when the numbers are taken into account — one in five adults experienced a mental health issue in 2014 and one in five young people live with a diagnosable mental health condition.  But yet, mental illness still has a stigma attached to it and isn’t discussed as often as physical illnesses.

We learn more on this episode of Smart Talk from Sharon Engdahl, the Executive Director of the American Mental Wellness Association and her assistant Alexa Moody, who also is the founder of Please Live.

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Sharon Engdahl and Alexa Moody