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Study links genetic variant to lower obesity risk

The research, with ties to central Pa., offers hope for people struggling with their weight.

By Brett Sholtis

Author Sebene Selassie on interconnection and mindfulness

Sebene Selassie, meditation teacher and author of You Belong: A Call for Connection, says the difficulties of the pandemic proved the need for interconnection.

By Staff

Amid nationwide blood shortage, area hospitals face reduced supply

The Central Pa. blood bank has less than half the blood it had on hand prior to the pandemic

By Brett Sholtis

As delta variant spreads in U.S., Pennsylvania COVID-19 vaccinations stall

“If we have a more infectious virus, and more lethal virus, and God forbid, one that evades vaccines, then we’re in big, big trouble.”

By Brett Sholtis

Lead paint poisons thousands of Pa. children each year. Advocates say now is the time to act

Lead poisoning prevention experts are calling on the state to fund remediation and testing

By Brett Sholtis

Wolf vetoes bill to ban schools, government from requiring proof of vaccination in Pa.

The so-called “vaccine passports” bill also would have limited the health secretary’s power.

By Brett Sholtis

Wolf enacts law allowing for three month supply of medical marijuana

Cannabis use advocates raised concerns about processing moldy plants

By Brett Sholtis

House GOP votes to ban schools from requiring vaccines and limit health secretary’s authority

The proposal began as a call in the state Senate to ban so-called “vaccine passports.” However, Senate Republicans added an amendment that would prohibit the state secretary of health from requiring widespread public health interventions such as hand-washing, sheltering in place, wearing masks and social distancing.

By Brett Sholtis

Mental Health After a Pandemic

Some have called the COVID-19 pandemic an equalizer or a shared experience, in that every single one of us has been impacted. We have all experienced a degree of fear, isolation or worry. What remains to be seen is how these feelings will impact our mental health.

On “Transforming Health: Mental Health After a Pandemic” we’ll hear from individuals who already had mental health concerns and then had to navigate through a pandemic. They’ll share their tips for others. Plus, why some feel connection and a sense of belonging will be the key to moving forward.

By Keira McGuire