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    What is innovation in health care?

    Innovation in health care is the constant pursuit of making the experience of consuming, delivering, and managing health care better. It is accomplished through “what if” thinking and studying human experiences to imagine what health care could be, not just what we expect it to be today.

    By Mark Kandrysawtz, Vice President and Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, WellSpan Health

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    Using Data to Transform Health Equality into Health Equity

    Many believe that the terms equality and equity can be used interchangeably. However, these terms have distinctly different meanings. Equality means that everyone is given the same opportunity and resources while health equity focuses on providing opportunities and resources so that every person can attain his or her full health potential regardless of social position or other socially determined circumstances.

    By Dr. Adriane Burgess, Director for Quality Improvement, WellSpan Health

  • Holiday Season Offers Opportunity to Discuss Family Health History

    By Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Capital Blue Cross

  • Tools to Help You Navigate Your Diabetes Journey

    That’s crucial to remember not only in November – which is American Diabetes Month – but year-round.

    By Capital Blue Cross

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    Food insecurity leads to health insecurity

    As many families prepare a big feast this Thanksgiving, there are others that struggle to put anything on the table.

    By Michele Mummert, Sr. Director of Community Health, WellSpan Health

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    Saving lives with breast cancer screenings in every corner of South Central PA

    In Breast Cancer Awareness month, you hear that familiar drumbeat of “get your screening” everywhere you turn.

    By Ann Kunkel, VP of Community Health & Engagement, WellSpan Health

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