Telemedicine for caregivers; New med school curriculum

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Today we explore two ways that the healthcare system is changing. 

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is promoting telemedicine as a tool to help the nation’s 40 million family caregivers provide care and also find some assistance for themselves in dealing with the stress and other challenges they face.

AARP’s National Vice President for State Advocacy and Strategy Elaine Ryan appears on the program to explain how telemedicine can make a difference.

Also, medical science has been revolutionized in the past century.  Many diseases and illnesses that used to be lethal are now treated with procedures and medications that are almost routine.  Technology has accelerated the progress even more in the last 20 years. 

So what may surprise you is that doctors are basically being trained in medical school under a timeline developed in 1910.  But that’s changing and Penn State Hershey is one the medical schools leading the way.  

Appearing on the program to discuss the changes are Dr. Susan Skochelak, Group Vice President for Medical Education with the American Medical Association  and Dr. Jed Gonzalo,  Assistant Dean for Health Systems Education, Penn State College of Medicine.

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Elaine Ryan, Dr. Jed Gonzalo & Dr. Susan Skochelak