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Penn State Health acquires Lancaster-based Physicians’ Alliance LTD


Penn State Health acquired Physicians’ Alliance LTD.

Penn State Health completed a deal to acquire Physicians’ Alliance LTD.

Physicians’ Alliance — also known as PAL — is “the largest independent physician practice group in Lancaster County,” Penn State said in a news release.

The aquisition will give Lancaster, Dauphin and York County residents improved access to specialty care, the release states. PAL includes about 100 physicians, advanced practicie clinicians and dieticians throughout the three counties.

The same providers and staff will continue to work at those locations, now owned by Penn State Health.

“Patients can expect to continue to recieve the same quality of care, and know that their physicians will continue to send them to the most appropriate local hospital for advanced care,” said Penn State Health CEO Dr. A. Craig Hillemeier.

As a note of disclosure Penn State Hershey Health is a financial supporter of WITF’s Transforming Health Project.