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Journaling for focus and peace 

By Karen C., Dauphin County

I journal each morning and have for many years. It centers me and brings focus for the day.

I began this many years ago when I needed to find inner strength and peace as I had a challenging educational leadership role and was the caregiver for both of my parents. 

This remains a practice that continues to provide wellness. I read the daily liturgical catholic readings of the day and write a reflection that comes from the readings, my faith, my heart, and the daily life at the time. These journals are private but often bring an insight shared with family, friends, and those I serve with my volunteering ministry. 

This food for my soul has brought such benefit that I yearn each early morning for this journaling. I physically exercise daily, yet the reading and reflection brings me a deep peace and the wellness/the way I try to live. 

When I was an educational leader in a middle school, I introduced and facilitated journaling for all teachers. After many moans and much resistance, teachers found the practice fulfilling and impacting. They asked for us to continue the following year. These were teachers who had spent many years instructing but rarely reflected on their interaction with young people, daily instruction, and their role in the school community. 

I highly recommend journaling for all! So often we are so busy that we do not stop and reflect. We continue to “do” and fail to “be”. Maybe 2022 is a time to experience the difference journaling can make in your life. It is a practice that keeps giving and can be life changing.

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