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Fill PA With Love


Our community needs our love more than ever right now! Help fight the winter blues and shower someone with inspiring words of comfort and support. Together, we can fill Pennsylvania with love.

To participate, fill out the form below to request a card collection that can be used to write personal notes of encouragement for friends you know already and for those you haven’t met yet. Some of the postcards will come pre-addressed, some will not. Send the blank cards to a loved one in your life who might need a little extra support and encouragement. Pre-addressed cards will be delivered to someone that could use a little sunshine. Transforming Health has partnered with over 15 local skilled-nursing facilities, shelters and Meals and Wheels organizations in our region; their staff will distribute your postcard to someone who could use a smile!

Where We Have Sent Some Love


Write a message of love, hope, community and caring that would brighten the day of a fellow Pennsylvanian.

To help you get started, consider these prompts:

  • How are you finding joy these days?
  • What is something you are looking forward to?
  • How are you supporting your community?
  • What is a good memory you have from this time of year?

Customize your postcard any way you’d like! Ask your children, neighbors and friends to participate in this community act of kindness.  Each postcard sent represents an important and meaningful act of love. 


Simply drop your pre-addressed, stamped FILL PA WITH LOVE postcards in the mail. The cards will be held for 48 hours in a secure environment as a precaution to avoid spreading the coronavirus, then will be distributed to area residents of nursing homes and other centers who have suspended visitors. From there, the staff of participating facilities will share your kindness with their residents.

The non-addressed cards are intended for you to send to a loved one of your choosing!


Yes! We want to share your kindness with EVERYONE! Take a picture of your special note and email it to us at We will post your FILL PA WITH LOVE cards on