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Spring into Motion

After a long cold winter, “Spring into Motion” with Transforming Health! We’ll provide fun ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, no matter your experience level. 

This free, 13-week community challenge includes a calendar of activities and two free exercise classes to choose from every week, so you get into motion at a pace that feels best for you.


Participate in the free, live classes outlined in the Spring Into Motion schedule, or find one to try a new exercise on your own. Capital BlueCross Connect classes are open to everyone in the community and have closed captioning for accessibility.

Classes are subject to change. Register at to be notified of changes or cancellations.


Learn basic stretches to help prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness


  • Workout at Home with WTJX: Get your blood pumping and heart rate up with varied routines from fitness instructors.
  • Quick Fit with Cassy: Gentle, zero-impact stretching and strengthening performed in short workouts of ten minutes or less.
  • InPACT at Home: An evidence-informed, home-based physical activity program for K-12 students.