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Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are available for younger children in Pa.

Midstate health systems and pharmacies are set to begin vaccinating children with the lower-dose Pfizer shot as early as this weekend.

By Brett Sholtis

‘Breakthrough’ COVID-19 hospitalizations are on the rise in Pa.

As immunity wanes, more vaccinated people in Pa. are getting sick with the virus.

By Sarah Boden/WESA and Brett Sholtis

As vaccination mandate looms, Pa. health systems push employees to get on board

President Joe Biden’s rule affects an estimated 17 million health care workers nationwide—and thousands in Pennsylvania.

By Brett Sholtis

As delta variant spreads in U.S., Pennsylvania COVID-19 vaccinations stall

“If we have a more infectious virus, and more lethal virus, and God forbid, one that evades vaccines, then we’re in big, big trouble.”

By Brett Sholtis

House GOP votes to ban schools from requiring vaccines and limit health secretary’s authority

The proposal began as a call in the state Senate to ban so-called “vaccine passports.” However, Senate Republicans added an amendment that would prohibit the state secretary of health from requiring widespread public health interventions such as hand-washing, sheltering in place, wearing masks and social distancing.

By Brett Sholtis

Lancaster site vaccinates over 500 people on first day open

A year after the pandemic hit, vaccinations give hope to weary Pennsylvanians.
By Brett Sholtis

Lancaster mass vaccination center is registering people to get COVID-19 vaccines

A community vaccination site at Park City Center is set to open Wednesday with 5,000-doses taken from Lancaster General Health locations.
By Brett Sholtis

Pa. mass vaccination sites are ready to open—with or without vaccines

State officials say there’s a need to ensure equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
By Brett Sholtis