Campaign aligns fitness with philanthropy


Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions have something to do with a health or fitness goal: Perhaps, this will be the year that you will lose 20 pound or maybe in 2013 you will finally run your first marathon. Maybe. Our intensions are good, but as January gives way to February and February to March, our motivation often gives way to the comfort of our cozy couch or the allure of that triple latte. If only, there was that driving force, an inspiration to keep you focused on that goal.


What if meeting your fitness goal could help save the life of a child?

What if meeting your fitness goal gave you the ability to help—possibly save the life of a child? What if you were able to train with three celebrity fitness coaches? Would you stay focused? Would you finally keep that resolution and meet your fitness goal?

CURE International, the largest provider of reconstructive surgery to children with disabilities in the emerging world, believes they have found the winning combination in pairing fitness goals with philanthropic efforts. A 100-day program, CURE’s Champion Campaign, will help individuals attain their fitness goals while simultaneously raising money for the life-changing surgical needs of the children CURE serves.

Meet brothers Johnathan and David and hear their powerful story about how CURE transformed their lives:

Unlike other programs, CURE Champions will commit to not only a fitness goal but also to a fundraising goal. As they strive towards their fitness goals, CURE Champions have daily access to three highly accomplished fitness coaches: Andrea Metcalf, best-selling author of Naked Fitness and frequent guest on The Today Show, GMA Health and Better TV; John Carter, one of the most celebrated professionals in the fitness industry and star of his own workout videos and; Tiffany McWilliams Dudley, the three-time NCAA Champion and SEC Hall of Fame runner. Additionally, Katie Rae Spell, CURE’s own fundraising guru, will help Champion team members with their fundraising strategies.

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Written byJoel Worrall
CURE International